Medallion Partner Program

Become a Medallion Partner

With our Inspired Global Staffing Medallion Partnership Program, we provide eligible trusted advisors [e.g. legal, accounting, insurance and wealth management firms] with partnership access to our Inspired Global Staffing international network of resources.  The initial and ongoing costs of Medallion membership will be based on the access level desired. Contact us at for program membership details.

This Inspired Global Staffing affiliation provides our Medallion Partners with new business revenue that can seamlessly be built on their natural market and existing client relationships.  Inspired Global Staffing Medallion Partners add more value by providing a high quality solution for their clients recruiting and placement needs. This deepens their engagement level with the client in a mutually beneficial way, further enhancing their “trusted advisor” role. 


Simply put, the Medallion Partner is responsible for cultivating opportunities through their existing network and they let Inspired Global Staffing take care of the rest.